“Living a Life in Cars” appearing in the 2020 issue of Oyster River Pages

I am eight and experiencing the first of many traumas in my father’s old Pontiac. In a family night trip to visit relatives at Christmas, Dad slams into a deer, throwing my sister and me to the floor in back, leaving us bruised and frightened.  The second trauma months later is more serious. Again in my father’s Pontiac, this time returning from an autumn foliage excursion, Mom implies my father is failing as a beer salesman. She starts the argument by saying she’s having trouble paying the bills …


“Character Disorders in Real Time” appearing in 2018 issue of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing

My mother wanted to avoid looking back at my father’s character disorder and how that secret had brought down our family. “You’ve just got to forget the past,” she said periodically. But I persisted in examining chaotic childhood events with the hope that time would give me the perspective to understand them.

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The Reality of Grace

Once we perceive the reality of grace, our understanding of ourselves as meaningless and insignificant is shattered… The existence of grace is prima facie evidence not only of the reality of God but also of the reality that God’s will is devoted to the growth of the individual human spirit.
– M. Scott Peck

Those with Character Disorders

Those with character disorders…see the world rather than themselves as being in need of change and therefore fail to recognize the necessity for self-examination. — M. Scott Peck